At Chrysalis Studio PDX, we support, nurture, and guide purpose-driven women struggling with exhaustion, stress-reactivity, and disconnection. People who need to get sh*t done (without burning out), and who are busily caring for everyone around them but know that they count, too!


Unlike many movement + manual therapy providers, we work with the body to strategically build resilience and stability from the inside out, ensuring your wellbeing and creative productivity.

  • Manage life's unavoidable stress (before burnout occurs)

  • Solve chronic pain and get out of survival mode (it's time to thrive)

  • Get the tools you need to achieve optimum health (instead of bouncing from one technique to the next)

  • Find providers who work with your body to create change that lasts (instead of just another crutch)

To get you there, we provide Fascial Flow Method™ workshops and NeuroFascial Integration™ care; these sister techniques are our exclusive brain-hacking chiropractic-yoga-fascia-energetic fusion of on-the-go-strategies and clinical care that work together to restore + nourish your adaptability to stress, help you live your best unf*ckwithable life, and collectively amplify our impact for good in the world!

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Discover the art of unf*ckwithability: that feeling where you can take on the world (without relying on coffee + sugar) and you're truly living your best life.




Gain a competitive edge with our science-based approach to optimize the innate capacity for health and greatness.
"Nature needs no help, just no interference."



Our unique approach balances your child’s brain and optimizes receptivity to learning and healing, regaining hope and joy.




Get support navigating the process of releasing stored trauma in a safe environment where true healing comes from the inside-out.



We believe that sensitivity is a superpower, and we help you navigate the world with less *reactivity* so you can feel all the things without crashing.


Play a bigger game and more fully express your unique purpose in the world. Work with us to co-create a holistic strategy to biohack your brain to the next level.

This is where you

Who comes to the Chrysalis Studio to level up?








Our exclusive fusion of chiropractic, craniosacral, energetic, and fascial release therapy. Specifically designed to: 

  • restore adaptability to stress and activate self-healing 

  • cultivate stability with postural alignment from the inside out

  • maintain fluid adaptability and optimum wellbeing

NeuroFascial Integration™ Clinical Care

Our exclusive fusion of yoga, dance, and neuroscience specifically designed to turn down fight-or-flight alarm with simple, efficient, and highly effective exercises to support your body's innate ability to you can shift chaos to calm, amplify creative productivity, and more fully express your unique magic.

Fascial Flow Method™ Studio Classes

Get one-on-one support to clarify your unique mission, vision, and purpose, and discover clear direction, empowerment, and tangible action items to move forward in a way that truly resonates for you, plus insight into the neuroenergetic systems and how you can activate healing on a deeper level.

Chrysalis Coaching™
with Dr Satya

Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP


At 16 years old, I was diagnosed with the "worst case of adrenal fatigue" my doctor had ever seen - and at the youngest age. They told me the solution was to simply "slow down" and "do less". 


For the next decade, I struggled with progressive chronic pain and mysterious neurological symptoms. I was frustrated that nothing was working, and wanted to take control of my health. Having grown up in a family full of chiropractors and other holistic care providers, I was raised to think differently about solving health challenges: from the inside out. So I drew upon my background in chiropractic, neuroscience, dance, and Buddhist + Native American spirit practices, and combined that with my experiences as a patient searching for answers. From all of this, I developed strategies to release stored tension in my body and improve my brain’s tolerance for stress. I wasn’t interested in just surviving, but thriving.

As you can imagine, this experience deeply influenced my approach to working with patients. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and so I’ve made it my mission to customize care to each unique individual by developing a comprehensive approach called NeuroFascial Integration.


Then 4 years ago I was rear-ended at 50 mph while stopped. My clinic, and my entire life, turned upside down. Feeling deeply purpose-driven as a healer, I struggled to balance the rest necessary to heal from this trauma with
not wanting to abandon my patients. Over the next months and years, I cultivated strategies + tools to allow me to help people with less exertion on my part…and at the same time I found myself able to help patients suffering with chronic stress (especially when trauma’s involved) more profoundly than ever before.

I had already been working with chronic stress (especially around sensory processing / hypersensitivity) for years,
but everything leveled up when I had to find my way out of it IN THE MOMENT, at the height of a busy clinical practice. And I could barely touch my own neck, let alone allow another provider to touch it. So I developed a full
DIY system called Fascial Flow Method that works on the same trauma-informed principles and amplifies the results of NeuroFascial Integration.

Now, the most common feedback patients express (within just a few visits) are things like, “I have more energy, mental clarity, and I’m happier!”…I’ve lost track of the number of times patients have admitted that they were suicidal before starting care, and now feel inspired to live again.

Chrysalis Studio is the highest manifestation of years of study, personal experience on the inside of trauma, and clinical practice. I'm honored to support highly sensitive people (both local to Portland and who travel from afar) to co-create a happier, healthier, more amazing local + global community.

Ready for true healing that lasts?


Danielle Ayres, DC

Growing up, I never really felt healthy. I always had some sort of weird skin rash, acne, brain fog, and anxiety that I didn’t know how to address. I couldn’t focus at school, I had to study way longer for exams than my friends seemed to, I would go home after school and crash - I needed nap just to finish my day, and on the weekends I didn’t have the energy to hang out with friends because I needed to recover from the week. I would stay up at night worrying about my health, and I even asked to get bloodwork for Christmas (when I was just 13!) because I knew that something was wrong and it felt like torture not knowing what’s happening with my own body.


I tried all of the different lotions, potions, and magical pills on the market for my skin and brain fog and anxiety, but nothing seemed to really get to the root or prevent the problems from coming back. My parents didn’t have the tools to help me figure out what was going on, and we didn’t know who to go to get help. I was told it was just all in my head, and that any doctor would think I was crazy and put me on antidepressants.

I knew I had to get to the root of my struggles, and so I focused my college studies on biopsychology and neuroscience - and started to look into nutrition and natural healing. After attending an event at Palmer College of Chiropractic (the fountainhead, where chiropractic began), everything clicked into place. I learned that traditional chiropractic is all about restoring the brain-body connection...because “Nature needs no help, just no interference.”


During my intensive chiropractic studies, I got really burnt out trying to juggle everything. So, like many people, I found myself reaching for whatever crutches I could find to try and keep up with my busy life. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland - dependent on coffee all day to stay “up”, and a glass (or three) of wine at night to “come down” at night. I was just going through the motions, a bit like a numb zombie, trying to hang on. Besides knowing in the back of my mind that this would never be sustainable, I started to feel like I’d be a fraud of a doctor if I couldn’t lead by example with my own self-care and health.


Finding the Chrysalis Studio has been a game-changer for me, both personally and professionally. NeuroFascial Integration and Fascial Flow Method have finally given me the tools to unravel my health challenges and navigate in a way that fits into my busy lifestyle. And now I only reach for coffee and wine because it’s delicious - not because I need it.


So now I’m on a mission to share this work with as many others as possible! It’s been an honor to connect with women struggling with similar challenges that I had, and have them express not only feeling better but feeling more CONNECTED - with their bodies, with their families, and with our community as a whole.


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