I struggled with chronic low back pain for 8 years. I was so tired of being in pain and being limited in what I could do. I couldn't go for hikes, longer walks were even challenging. The worst part was being so exhausted all the time from the pain. I tried chiropractors, massage, physical therapy and many other things. They either didn't help at all or only helped temporarily. I found Chrysalis about 6 months ago.

I was surprised to see how much energy I was spending to manage this injury. They also helped me see connections between injuries I'd had as child and young adult that I had been compensating for my whole life. Doing the fascial flow training and getting regular adjustments helped me so much. My pain is better, physically I'm able to do almost anything I want to do without having a pain flare, and overall I am so much more resilient. I am grateful to have found them! 

Tiffany T  |  intuitive eating coach

Physically I'm able to do almost anything I want, and overall I'm so much more resilient!

We came to Dr. Satya after our daughter was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder (Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome). Our family was in the darkness when we first heard the news. We felt sad, scared, and confused. Yoey had stopped being able to eat normally, requiring a feeding tube instead. She was on reflux medication (and it wasn't working...her pediatrician wanted to use something even stronger).


Yoey was able to take a bottle again within days of beginning treatment with Dr. Satya, hasn't needed any reflux medication since day one, and we've already been able to introduce some solid foods.


Dr. Satya is a gifted healer, trusted counselor, and just a wonderful person to have in your life. She is very knowledgeable about the body and how it can be healed, and balances dedicated professionalism with genuine warmth and care. She explains everything in a simple and easy to understand way, unlike previous providers where I had no idea what they were doing or why.


It's clear that Yoey loves her by the big smile that spreads across her face each time we visit...she looks both comfortable and at peace during her sessions.


I strongly recommend Dr. Satya to anyone struggling with pain, or who has a child living with difficulties. From the start, our family has felt blessed and lucky to have met Dr. Satya. We are finally living every day with lots of hope and optimism, knowing that this care will make all the difference for Yoey to grow and thrive.

Joonee L  |  mama of 2

We finally have hope for our baby after a devastating diagnosis.

My son had just turned 12 when he started seeing Dr. Satya. After a number of unexpected school transitions, puberty and stopping a medication, his neurological system went haywire!


Dr. Satya and Dr. Danielle were able to restore and rebalance my son’s system, so he could live a more balanced quality life. Now at 13, he can manage and articulate his feelings better than ever. I’m truly grateful!

Katerina T  |  stylist + mama of 2

At 13, my son can articulate his feelings better than ever.

I can tell how much Dr. Danielle truly cares about me and what's going on with my health. She focuses on my concerns, advocates for my care, and has helped me truly rehab in addition to the great adjustments she gives. She has helped me refocus on what I can do to help myself between visits.


Above all, I really appreciate Dr. Danielle's joyful attitude and caring nature. She is a genuine blessing.

Rachele H | chiropractor

Dr. Danielle advocates for my health; she is a genuine blessing.

Dr. Satya has been an invaluable resource, doctor and friend to my family and I over the past two years. She has guided and helped us all become healthier versions of ourselves.


I saw Dr. Satya prior to my pregnancy, during my pregnancy and now after my pregnancy and have found it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health care. I am so thankful I was able to have my baby start her life with such a great chiropractor looking out for her.

Jen C  |  brand specialist + mama of 2

One of the best decisions I have ever made for my health care!

Dr. Satya is the most amazing doctor I have ever met by far! Not only is she so knowledgeable about health on the whole, she also made me feel comfortable from the start with her warm heart. She is more than just a chiropractor to me. 


Dr. Satya has relieved my pain, but most of all helped me recognize how powerful my body really is. With her help and guidance, I have relief from the sciatica in my lower back and leg, and I have also been able to get off Prilosec (a stomach medication) that I have been on for 12 years!


Both back AND stomach issues have gotten a lot better! I now have the strength to heal my body as a whole starting from the root - my SPINE and NERVOUS SYSTEM! Thank you to Dr. Satya for helping to relieve pain and regain the strength my body needs to recover and have a better, healthier life! Love love love her!!

Maria C  |  radiology tech + mama of 2

I got off a stomach medication that I've been on for 12 years!

Dr. Satya has a gift for seeing beyond the obvious exterior of things, which reveals great intuition. Thank you for sharing your passion about life, about health and about helping other people. Actually, helping people help themselves...I think that's the important difference between her and other doctors I've been to. She's really good at helping me to think about things from another angle, which has been of immense benefit to me.

Johanna M  |  neonatal nurse, massage therapist, mama

Dr. Satya has a gift for seeing beyond the obvious exterior.

I have suffered with near constant migraines for many, many years. Along with the migraines I also was suffering from severe neck pain, vertigo, tremors, and constant ringing in my ears. Over the last few years, I’ve had multiple MRI’s, seen multiple doctors, specialists, been placed on migraine medication and muscle relaxers. I finally decided to seek a more holistic route when my medical neurologist suggested I start taking a blood pressure medication to help with the migraines. I naturally have a lower blood pressure, so this was a concern to me. When I asked how I would know if the medication was too much for me, and his answer was “if you stand up and pass out, you know it’s too much”, I knew I needed to move on to some different form of care!


Dr. Satya has been a Godsend!! Since I began seeing her, I no longer need the muscle relaxers, my migraines have decreased to only a few per month vs constant, the shaking and ringing in my ears have both also been greatly reduced - to the point where many days I don’t notice them at all! I can actually go days without ANY form of a headache: something that has not happened for me in years! I am now more able to work, and also more able to enjoy life in general.


During one of my first visits, Dr. Satya requested to review my MRI’s that my medical doctor had ordered earlier that year. Upon her review, she discovered something that the doctors had missed: I have something called Cerebellar Tonsillar Ectopia, a condition that puts additional stress on my brain and spinal cord. Dr. Satya's accurate diagnosis FINALLY gave me the explanation for my suffering! Thankfully she is very familiar with how to care for this condition, and has been AMAZING!! Through months of specialized chiropractic care for this condition, my life has changed dramatically. I sleep better, am more resilient when life is stressful, and am able to focus better at work.


Dr. Satya does more than just adjust my spine; she has taught me how to lead a better life through diet, exercise, and spiritual health, and I’m now a happier person because of her care! She is a very special person who came into my life at just the right time to help me in so many ways. I am thankful every day for Dr. Satya's care.

Lynn E  |  hospitality management + mama of 5

I sleep better, am more resilient when life is stressful, and focus better at work.

My 8 year old son Ben has Cystic Fibrosis, and had been struggling with lung inflammation and mucus plugs for about 6 months when we first went to see Dr. Sardonicus. The medical doctors were treating it as if the inflammation was caused by bacterial overgrowth, and we went through several rounds of increasingly aggressive antibiotics - the only result seemed to be increased irritation. We also tried more holistic approaches, including energy medicine and specific nutrition. While Ben's lungs were the most affected, his entire body was clearly in distress; he just wasn't his normal energetic self.

I loved Dr. Satya's warmth and genuine care for my son. I knew she was concerned and wanted to help his body move through this on all levels spiritual, energetic & physical. We saw some improvements right away, and as we continued to work we saw a complete resolution of his symptoms and the crackling in his lungs went away!

I would highly recommend Dr. Satya. It has been a pleasure working with her. She is both compassionate and a truly committed care provider. 

Jodi P  |  mama to Ben

We saw a complete resolution of my son's CF symptoms.


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