At Chrysalis, our work is based on the understanding that each individual has the innate capacity for vibrant life. We know that life is defined by movement, and resilience is at the heart of it all. Structural resilience means we can integrate outside forces like slips + falls and postural stress without injury. Neurological resilience means being able to respond with fight-or-flight when needed, and return back to a resting baseline without getting caught in a hiccups-like loop. Emotional resilience means staying in your center even when others are spiraling or having a tough time. 

- Dr Satya Sardonicus, Founder & Clinic Director

Our goal is to support each unique individual in restoring and maintaining resilience in all you can do more without slowing down.

We work with each individual client to create a personalized health strategy that includes things you can do on your own, as well as our exclusive brain-hacking combination of Fascial Flow Method™ classes and NeuroFascial Integration™ care: a fusion of chiropractic, craniosacral, yoga, dance, and energetic and fascial release therapies into the most efficient and effective approach to restore and nourish adaptability, productivity, and unf*ckwithability!

NeuroFascial Integration

Fascial Flow Method

Ready for a strategic approach designed for results? It starts with your customized


If you're interested in optimal health, in not only resolving your chronic pain, fatigue, and stress... but in achieving your maximum potential with whole-person preventative healthcare...

If you're tired of bouncing from provider to provider who only look at their narrow window of specialty and often give conflicting advice to your other resources...


If you've tried every technique out there but get mixed results...

If you're still struggling with exhaustion + burnout, managing chronic stress, nagging pain that you can sometimes push through but just won't quit, brain fog, anxiety, or other chronic symptoms...

This is exactly why we developed a specific way to help you achieve your health goals: your customized Strategic Health Plan

You've tried so many modalities (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, PT, energy healing, every nutritional healing diet you can find, counseling therapy, craniosacral, medicinal herbs, and more) but what you really need is a strategy. You need a game plan for which modalities to try when, and what are your best tools + tricks to use on your own to achieve optimal health...and how to prioritize what to work on first!

We're here to be your advocate for how to achieve optimal health.

Imagine what it's like when you actually have a highly experienced health professional give you a Strategic Health Plan: a step by step plan on what to do, what not to do, and when to do it. This is your one-stop-shop for achieving optimum health. This is the one thing that you wish all those doctors and providers you're seeing and all that information you're researching can come together into a cohesive game plan.

  • Finally understand the root cause of what’s holding you back

  • Have a clear plan of action to activate your body’s self-healing function

  • Stop wasting time + money on lots of appointments and therapies and coffee and pills to push forward


1. Case Review Q+A (via email)

  • History: you will receive a comprehensive profile to complete + email back, then our team of doctors reviews it and will email you back with clarifying questions. This helps us see not only the specifics of what you’re struggling with, what you’ve tried, etc, but also the myriad of factors that can influence your body’s ability to heal and regulate itself.

  • *x-ray: if needed based on our review of your history, we may request x-ray imaging of your spine to provide additional details about the underlying root cause of your challenges and help us project your healing process.


2. NeuroStructural Exam: not to be confused with a traditional chiropractic exam, this detailed assessment consists of our signature series of tests to evaluate the following...

  • brain processing

  • brain-body nerve communication

  • functional movement patterns

  • energetic system function

*all tests are non-invasive and we will do our best to ensure your comfort

3. Case Management Strategy Session: the doctor will review testing results and how these findings relate directly to your health goals, and your strategic game plan to accomplish those goals...

  • What you can do at home for your wellbeing

  • Team Construction: what providers need to be included and in what order

  • If we can support you at Chrysalis, what that looks like

In short, no more providers giving conflicting info with no overall game plan. This finally helps you find results that are sustainable and won't just go back to how things were. This plan shows you exactly where to focus, from managing daily stress to resolving old trauma + tension patterns to nutrition to ergonomics to exercise to sleep and more. You'll get a strategy for how to apply this in your daily life with minimal complexity so you can finally reach optimal health - faster than you might think!

Ready for true healing that lasts? It starts with a consultation.


Dr. Satya has a gift for seeing beyond the obvious exterior of things and actually helping people help themselves...I think that's the important difference between her and other doctors I've been to. She's really good at helping me to think about things from another angle, which has been of immense benefit to me and my family.

- Johanna M., neonatal nurse, massage therapist, and mama

Dr. Satya is the most amazing doctor I have ever met by far! With her help, I finally found relief from the sciatica in my lower back and leg, and I have also been able to get off Prilosec (a stomach medication) that I have been on for 12 years! Thank you to Dr. Sardonicus for helping to relieve pain and regain the strength my body needs to recover and have a better, healthier life! Love love love her!!

- Maria C., radiology tech, holistic health coach, and mama


For years I have suffered with near constant migraines, severe neck pain, vertigo, tremors, and constant ringing in my ears. Over the last few years, I’ve had multiple MRI’s, seen multiple doctors, specialists, been placed on migraine medication and muscle relaxers. Dr. Satya has been a Godsend!! I no longer need the muscle relaxers, my migraines have decreased dramatically, the shaking and ringing in my ears have both also been greatly reduced - to the point where many days I don’t notice them at all. I can actually go days without ANY form of a headache: something that has not happened for me in years! 


My life has changed dramatically. I sleep better, am more resilient when life is stressful, and am able to focus better at work, and I’m now a happier person because of her care! She is a very special person who came into my life at just the right time to help me in so many ways. I am thankful every day for Dr. Satya.

- Lynn E., hospitality management and mama


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